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Artist Bio

Artist George Turner started life in New Jersey. He grew up in California, and now lives with his wife and dog in Oregon. 

At an early age, he thinks it had to be first or second grade, he began to see  his art influencing the behavior of others--espeially his teachers--as they began to notice that he and a few friends had become chronic doodlers instead of serious scholars.  

Attempts to halt this very artistic habit were unsuccessful, and, as time passed, he developed a deep satisfaction in getting some kind of reaction to his art, and to the possibility of  making someone smile, or to just think.  So, this began early in his life, and it continues to this day.

Artist Statement

I love to draw, and I love to paint.  If I'm not doing it, I'm most likely thinking about it.  

I go to my studio each day with a goal: I want to leave 3 or 4 hours later with a new painting.   I don't always succeed, but sometimes, I do.  

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